Anonymous said: If you're going to wear hot pants, then you should still paint wants going to be underneath them for personal reference.


So, I found the body paint I need in the store, like, right around the corner from me!


I’m really self conscious.

Oh god.  I need to order my silver hot pants.


Anonymous said: Do you think Piers will be in Revelations 2?

Probably not, and I kind of hope he isn’t.  I don’t really want to know more about Piers before what happens to him because we know the end result already, so that kills a bit of the dramatic tension that his character would have, you know?  

Plus, a Resident Evil game where we only know that ladies are gonna be kicking ass, taking names, and getting all the character development.  I’m so down for an all women led Resident Evil game, like woah.  I could wish more and more for it to be a Rebecca, Jill, and Claire game, but I’m so fucking down for a new character like Moira.

Here’s hoping the creators don’t slip back into that super creepy stuff that they have tended towards when it came to their women in the past couple of iterations of the Resident Evil series (5 and 6, I’m looking at you!)

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31 Nights of Halloween Horror, Night 1: The Sacrament

This found footage film by Ti West is all about what happens when a couple of people decide to enter a Christian compound out in the middle of the woods and document a little bit about what is going on there.  

What starts off as a few friends trying to locate one of their co-worker’s sister turns into a nightmare as the commune doesn’t exactly turn out to be exactly what they originally thought it was, and the added outside element of the film crew their to capture the reunion of brother and sister seems to aggravate the delicate balance of the colony to the point of retaliation.  

Ti West is known for his quiet, contemplative horror films (House of the Devil, the Innkeepers), but this one is supposed to be far more violent in its approach, even if it is still a slow paced thriller that plods to the boiling point.

Usually, I’ve seen the film before I post up the blog post about it, but this one is gonna be a fresh experience for me, so I can’t give any content warnings other than the fact that it is based around the Jonestown Massacre of 1978.  If christian extremism and violence aren’t your thing, then you might want to sit out until tomorrows film.

Reilly’s Rating:  I don’t know I haven’t watch it yet, you kooks. 

If you have no other means of watching the film, click here.

This film is streaming on Netflix!

The 31 Nights of Halloween Horror!

It’s that time of year again.  You know, the time of year where I make a post every day suggesting a horror or thriller film that you should watch because it’s fucking October and that’s the best time to watch scary shit!  Yeah, well, it’s October 1st, which means that it is the first night of the 31 Nights of Halloween Horror.  WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE!

If you were following me around this time last year, you know the drill, and if you weren’t, well then I’ll tell you what this little diddy is all about.  

Starting my sophomore year of college, my friends and I would start to watch a horror movie every night in October, simple enough.  We would seek out new and interesting movies, always trying to find the next best scares, but of course, we had to mix some classics into the new stuff.  Well, I’m out of college now, but I keep the tradition alive.

Every night, I’ll make a long post with some pictures about a horror movie, and I’ll even post a link to it (but you should always try and find a preferred method of watching the film, like netflix, or renting it).  All you have to do is watch the movie that night, if you feel it.  I’ll put up content warnings if there are things in the film other than just the normal scary/violent content that you usually get with scary movies, so keep a look out for those!

If you liked the movie, make a video comment about it, or write up a little review, or suggest it to your friends, or do nothing, just feel content in watching some awesome horror.

I’ll tag everything with 31 Nights of Halloween Horror, Halloween Horror, and the like, so if you don’t want to have this pop up on your dash, feel free to blacklist it, or, conversely, if you decide that you loved something enough and you want to reblog it or make your own little content about it, feel free to use those tags to get the word out there further.

Happy October folks and lets get this head rolling!!!  Aha, ahahahahahahah.

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I too often dream of emotionally subduing villains who have goals of world domination for my own amusement

It’s really more about the super strong, emotionally distant guy that doesn’t take shit from anyone, yet for some reason, I just walk all over him, and he takes it and just sort of says, “yes dear” because he knows I super love him and he super loves me too, and he both hates and loves how much he loves me and I hate and love how much I love him, and it just works.

Also, it’s the hair.  I really want to have blue hair.

I just want to be Bulma, I think that’s what I’m getting at.

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I’m gonna be honest…

I want a relationship like Bulma and Vegeta.  As horrible as it would be for me, that’s like, my relationship goal.

I don’t know why…..?

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