oh shit I hope you can get the Interview dude. where are you applying??

It’s a magazine where I live that’s pretty big and has won a couple of national awards.  Like, this would be a really positive step for me so I’m really hoping I didn’t blow it because I didn’t check my email.

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This internship I applied for MONTHS ago finally got back to me and asked if I could interview last week, but I didn’t get the email until this week.  I just assumed they didn’t want me so I stopped checking my ‘business’ email because I hadn’t applied for a new job in a bit.



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31 Nights of Halloween Horror; Day 20: Silence of the Lambs

While more of a thriller than a horror film, the Silence of the Lambs has enough tense moments to hold you over, that’s for sure.  The film won a few Academy Awards and is still heralded as a film that reinvigorated the crime-drama, for good reason.

Clarice Starling is a young FBI agent that is assigned to a case.  The killer has murdered a large number of women and has removed parts of their skin for reasons not entirely known.  As she probes deeper into the case, she learns that she has to go and talk with one of the most diabolical men she will ever meet, Psychologist Hannibal Lecter, famous for being a cannibal.

During their meetings, Clarice starts to get to know Dr. Lecter, and in doing so, she also learns more about the case she is working on, just in time for ‘Buffalo Bill’ to kidnap another woman.  Racing against the clock, Clarice has to solve the case before the serial killer can take another life.

CONTENT WARNING:  The film has been (and is considered for good reason) to be rather transphobic.  The killer in the film, Buffalo Bill is attempting to make a skin suit out of the women.  Wanted to throw it out there just in case there are some viewers who have not seen the movie or didn’t know to expect it.  On top of that, there is some brutal violence against women in the film, so keep that in mind as well please!

Reilly’s Rating:  9/10

If you have no other means of watching the film, click here!

This film is streaming on netflix!

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Treating Black People As A Consumable Good ≠ Valuing Black Life

Black and other people who protest the extrajudicial execution of Michael Brown and protest anti-Blackness and State violence themselves brought that protest to the recent St. Louis Rams versus San Francisco 49ers game. Of course they were met with everything from indifference/annoyance to outright acts of hatred because of it. I was so proud to see them upset that space though.

There, White people, many of whom are clearly racist (I mean…just watch some of the after the game videos posted all over Instagram) consuming Black bodies (and let’s be clear, how the NFL operates has a lot to deconstruct in terms of the use of primarily Black bodies; see Forty Million Dollar Slaves: The Rise, Fall, and Redemption of the Black Athlete; and discussion of Black athletes in this context is not absolution of intraracial gendered abuse/crime) as a product, a good, an entertainment, but then during the game and after the game were confronted with the reality of State-sponsored Black death and what that means for Black people in America because of the nature of anti-Blackness. And some could not deal. 

It doesn’t take every White person at that game to respond as some did for racism to be real. Again, structural violence on Black people in multiple forms exist not only to the benefit of Whiteness but in part helps define Whiteness itself. Where “Black” is treated as diametrical, as the ultimate inferior. (And for the willfully obtuse thirsty for a derail, when you juxtapose intraracial crime with State violence, you’re suggesting that the type of crime that every race experiences between “citizens” becomes a reason to justify State violence on Black people, specifically. When you suggest a Black victim was “no angel” you suggest State violence is acceptable on Black people by standards only Whites can determine. Anti-Blackness.)

This thought about Whites’ response to the resistance during the game just reminds me about how I wrote about White consumption of Black culture or womanist/Black feminist scholarship is not proof of compassion or anti-racism praxis. And because of how White supremacy is socialized, there are fellow Black people who process White consumption as an “elevation” or validation of Black cultural production and think that’s something to be “flattered” by. It isn’t. Furthermore, Whites appropriating Black culture is not proof of valuing Black life. At all.

Black life is treated as non-human life and a “debatable topic.” What is a Black body but a buffet or a store or a meal or an object if the value of the experience of consuming it matters more than the intrinsic value of Black people..where only in the context of White pleasure does a Black person matter? 

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you know how much pressure there is on girls to be good at every video game they play, because if they fuck up once there’s going to be a heck of a lot of people saying how girls suck and how they shouldn’t play video games 


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Robin and Red hood character designs for arkham knight


Robin and Red hood character designs for arkham knight

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