Anonymous said: Everyone where you live are really shitty people that are unworthy to date you. Clearly they are the unlovable ones. Look in the mirror, look at dem cheeks, pinch those adorable cheeks for me because you are a cutie pie Clark Kent looking studmuffin.

Thank you, anon.

You’ve made my day!

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Anonymous said: Hey you should never be someone you're not. Cuz then you might get stuck with someone who only likes you when you're trying to someone else and like that's no good

Yeahhhhhh, that’s why I don’t aim to impress, I aim to be me, but that seems to get me in trouble.  

When someone tells me what their favorite video game is, I don’t mind saying I don’t like it, lol.  My friends know it’s not me being mean, but people that are just meeting me for the first time; well, that person might not no better.

Anonymous said: I'm sorry your date went poorly. Here's a really lame joke to cheer you up: Why didn't the melons marry? Because they cantaloupe! Get it? Because cantaloupe is a fruit? And it's sounds like "can't elope?"

I enjoyed your joke a great deal!  Thank you for that.

I’m sure it’s me, like, I know it’s me, lol.  The problem is that I don’t try to impress people, and I don’t really try to be anyone other than myself when I go out on first dates, and I’m aware I can come off as abrasive because of the way that I present a lot of my jokes, and I don’t know, it might have gone better than I thought it did.

I had a date today!

It just further proved that I am unlovable.

I’m going to watch Orange is the New Black for the rest of the night bye forever.

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We are just Avril Lavigne’s deadeyed backup dancers in the horrible hello kitty song of life.
Brittany on how apathetic we are

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Me and my friends

  • Brittany: Are you Clark Kent? You are!
  • Reilly: I am not. I'm not worthy of the Kent name.
  • Brittany: No you are.
  • Brittany: Hannah your Lois?
  • Reilly: No, I don't think so. I'm pretty sure you're my Lois.
  • Reilly: Hannah's my Batman.

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This is a first look at gameplay footage from the upcoming hand painted rougelike runner for PS4 called EarthNight featuring the art of Paul Davey / mattahan

The premise: Dragons have taken over the Earth. It’s up to a 14 year old school girl and an unemployed photographer to stop them. With no government or military left to speak of, it’s up to Sydney and Stanley to skydive back to earth and set things right. 


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They may not be real, but the thirst is.
People talking about fictional characters

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having your favorite character be a minor character is like being a proud mother at a school play and cheering every time your kid comes on stage even though they’re playin the part of tree #3

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